I’ve lost a bunch of hands in a row; Are all games possible?

In an attempt to make the game play as true as playing with an actual deck of cards, the game uses a mix of shuffling algorithms that employ random number generators provided in the operating system, so the outcome of the cards in the dealer's deck is 100% random. Blackjack can be configured to use from 1 to 8 decks offering billions upon billions of random card combinations. You might change the number of decks you play with and see if it changes the game play.

In Blackjack – and really any iOS app – developers always use random number generators. The one in particular is built by Apple. As a company, we would not develop a rigged system to copy a gambling game that favors the house randomly. If anything we would rig it so you win more so you’d be happier and play more. Making a game where you constantly lose is not something we stand for as a company as we pride ourselves on making fun games that people love.

Unfortunately, no computer can easily do true randomness but we try to recreate randomness and chance as best as a computer can.

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