How do I play 52 Card Pick-Up?

There are two main types of gameplay styles in 52 Card Pick-up, Frenzy and Challenge mode. 


Frenzy Game:

Frenzy mode is selected by tapping the large card in the upper half of the lobby. During frenzy mode, you will play through several rounds of 10-second games. With the exception of Joker’s Remix, the games are chosen from the 6 challenge mode games in that world. Completion games must be solved within 10 seconds and survival games must be survived for 10 seconds.


Challenge Game:

The goal of challenge mode is to earn stars and a high score in each game. Completion games challenge you to finish as fast as possible and survival games challenge you to keep playing without making a mistake as long as possible. Each challenge mode has 3 levels of performance, each earning an additional star when met.

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