My sound is no longer working. How can I fix this?

First, make sure you are on the latest iOS update. Update to the latest iOS to get the fixes for memory issues.

You maybe are running into a common device issue that is corrected by restarting your device. Press on the power button for 3-5 seconds until you see the bar to power it off. Slide the bar and power the device down then power it back on, tap back into the application and see if that corrects the problem. The restart will usually clear memory issues on the device.

If you are still having issues after the power cycle, then close the game by force closing the application. Press the 'Home' button twice really quickly, the multitasking screen will pop up and allow you to swipe your finger from the bottom to top to remove the different applications from multitasking. If there are many applications in there, you may want to clear them out as well. Then press the middle button to get out of the multitasking mode and start the game again.

If you still do not have sound after a restart, then check the tab on the side of the device and make sure it is not showing red. If it is, move the selector on. Check the sound option in the game to see if it is set to ON. Press the volume up on the side of the device and make sure that it is not silent.

For iPad users:

When you go into "Settings" and swipe your finger upwards on the screen, a bar shows up at the bottom. In this bar there is a "Bell" symbol. If the symbol is white, it overrides all other settings and turns the iPad into mute,



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