During game play, points are earned by revealing down cards and moving completed runs of King to Ace to the foundations. Points are deducted for each use of Undo. When a deal is completed, bonus points are awarded based on number of moves and the time necessary to complete the deal. The more efficiently you solve a deal both in moves and time, the higher your bonus points will be. Bonus points increase based on the level of difficulty for each of the different games. 1-Suit being the easiest, 4-Suit the hardest.

Point System:
Card Revealed: +10 points
Foundation Completed: +130 points
Undo: -5 points
Hints: No points deducted
Undo from Stock: -100 points
Time Bonus: 1,000,000 divided by time to complete game in seconds.
Moves Bonus: Calculation based on your moves, the minimum number of moves required for the game type, and the average moves for the game type.

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