About Numbered Deals

FreeCell is a variation of Solitaire made popular by its inclusion in Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system and every version of Windows thereafter. Because all cards are visible at the start of the game, FreeCell is almost entirely a game of skill. The original Microsoft FreeCell package included 32,000 deals generated by a random number seed. These deals are known as the "Microsoft 32,000." Later versions of Microsoft FreeCell include one million deals all playable by entering a unique seed.

FreeCell by MobilityWare can deal games in two ways: deals generated from random shuffles and deals generated by entering a seed number. FreeCell by MobilityWare can deliver the same well known one million deals as Windows using the same algorithm and seeds.

The million well known Windows FreeCell deals (and many more beyond that) have been played and well analyzed over the years. Of the current one million FreeCell deals using the Windows method, there are eight that are considered to be unsolvable. The others are considered to be solvable at varying degrees of difficulty. This gives FreeCell a win rate of at least 99.9992%. A sampling of deals and their numbers are listed below for you to try. The deals are organized by their level of difficulty.

  • Easier Deals:  164, 7058, 15196, 27853, and 31316.
  • Difficult Deals:  169, 4368, 7700, 21278, and 31945.
  • Very Difficult Deals:  454, 661, 718, 1941, and 6182.
  • Unsolvable: 11982, 146692, 186216, 455889, 495505, 512118, 517776 and 781948.
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