Why are there words in the game that aren't even words at all?

There are two word lists that the Word Warp game uses: the “default” word list and the “Alternative” word list. The default word list in the game comes from general words found in the American English dictionary.

The "Alternate Word List," which can be selected from the Options screen, is a larger and more difficult word list that is a subset of the North American tournament Scrabble word list. Now that’s where you’ll find some obscure words. Perhaps some users have inadvertently selected the Alternative Word List.

As we've explained, MobilityWare doesn't make up words to throw in the game and confuse our players. We admit we want more customers, not fewer. Why would we intentionally try to frustrate our players? We know that people prefer to win rather than lose. Making customers unhappy is NOT a way to get more customers or to convince people to play our applications more often.

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